We’re a small firm with a big heart. We love to talk to our clients, but more importantly, we love to listen. Communication is a vital part of our service, enabling us to get to the very core or your individual financial needs.


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Investment Management: The 360° Approach

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Your finances don’t end with your investments and neither does our service.

Investment management and financial planning in an all-in-one fee-only package: a customized portfolio, with primarily low-cost index funds, designed to match your comfort level and needs. It’s a total understanding of your situation, goals, and objectives. In the 360° approach we can help you put the whole financial puzzle together. Do you have a question about retirement? It’s covered. Tax planning? That’s covered, too. Loan vs. lease? You guessed it, that’s also covered. We are your sounding board and second opinion on any financial matter. We are available to answer any question to help you reach your goals in the most efficient manner possible… and yes, it’s all covered.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

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A unique plan that serves as the foundation to strengthen your financial life.

This process begins with your current financial snapshot. We work with you to determine how best to fortify your finances, reach your goals, and protect you from the unexpected. The comprehensive financial plan provides you with different options and realistic strategies that you feel comfortable implementing. There is also a timeline and checklists to create accountability, ensuring all agreed-upon steps are taken in a timely manner. Your financial situation changes over time, so we recommend an annual review to incorporate these and measure your progress.

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The financial plan we devise for you will be just that – for you. We’ll target the specific areas you need to focus on to help you take control, and move confidently towards achieving your unique financial goals.

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