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If you’re ready to secure your financial future, we’re ready and waiting to help. Our fee-only, transparent approach, coupled with our detailed, personal process will meet all of your needs, and exceed your expectations.


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Step 01: Let’s Meet

The first step towards financial freedom is scheduling your free introductory meeting – online, in person, or at one of our offices – so we can learn more about each other. Our discussion determines whether or not Great Oak Wealth Management is right for you. We’ll talk you through our client-focused approach, and provide a list of our current fees. We’re fee-only planners, so our costs are fully transparent, with no hidden charges or agendas.

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Step 02: Develop the Plan

Based on our initial meeting, we’ll determine the full scope of our relationship, and work alongside you to create a financial plan based on your individual needs. Our fee-only approach means we’re not driven to sell you products you don’t need, but simply by a genuine desire to help you reach your goals. We’ve carefully crafted a clear and structured process, enabling us to effectively support and guide you towards reaching your full financial potential.

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Step 03: Stay on Task

A plan is just a document; steps and actions need to be taken to turn that plan into a success story. A timeline is created to define when, how, and who is responsible to implement each strategy. We’ll provide you with a clear and concise to-do list to help keep everyone accountable. It takes determination and commitment to write this new story for yourself, but we’ll be on hand to help you keep turning over the pages, until you reach your happy ending.

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Step 04: Watch the Magic

Ok, so no, it’s not really magic, but you can watch your progress in your very own virtual dashboard, accessible on your phone, tablet, or computer. The real magic comes from the ease and speed in which you’ll see positive changes in your finances. The next trick is then ensuring you stay committed to the new plan we help you set in place. Then you can wow your friends and family with your ability to make your financial worries disappear into thin air.

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Step 05: Review and Monitor

Over time, your individual goals, needs, circumstances and legal requirements will inevitably change. The financial plan you implement in your twenties or thirties surely won’t be the one you are using in your fifties or sixties. Updating, adjusting, tweaking… whatever you want to call it, it’s vital for your long-term financial success. We’ll meet up at pre-arranged intervals (everyone is different) to review your progress, and make sure you stay on track.

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Communication, flexibility, transparency.

We communicate with you every step of the way. It’s a vital component of our relationship, helping us cater to your unique needs.

Working with us is easy; we’ll meet you in person, online, in one of our offices, or even come to your home. We’ll ensure you understand every step of our working process, and become an integral part of the team.