Who We Help

Here at Great Oak Wealth Management, we know our strengths and who can most benefit. As such, we’ve crafted our services to suit a specific range of clients. Targeting our work in this way means that we get to do what we do best, in ways that help you the most.


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Families Building on their Foundation

You’ve built a solid foundation, all while juggling multiple and conflicting goals. Now you want to take it to the next level. It could be planning for retirement, saving for college, deciding on a career change, or buying a new home.

Every family has needs and goals that are unique to their stage of life. We will help you prioritize. Together we’ll develop a financial plan to direct your financial situation to support your future vision. You understand the value and security of having a solid financial plan.

Life is a continually moving puzzle, and we work with you to ensure that all the pieces fit together in the end. We work with you to give them the time to celebrate their milestones by taking the guesswork out of their finances.

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Professionals and Corporate Executives

You’ve spent years focused on your career. Now, it’s time to utilize your success for a financial advantage. We help professionals, executives, and their families turn their achievements into strengths, guiding them toward their financial goals and transition into retirement. In particular, we work with analytical clients in the engineering, project management, and pharmaceutical industries, especially those with complex tax concerns at the peak of their careers.

Retirement plans, HSA’s, deferred compensation plans, stock options, and reducing taxes now and in retirement. It all takes planning. How do you put it all together? We will walk you through the maze of options and find the best fit for you.

We understand the needs and requirements of financial planning for today’s professional and corporate executives. We have the experience, processes, and resources to help you thrive. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, professional and fiduciary advisors, we prioritize your best interests and consistently monitor your overall plan for long-term success.

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Successful Small Business Owners Ready to Take it to the Next Level

You’ve built a successful business. Don’t you want to leverage that success to improve your financial well-being, protect your family, and let your money work as hard as you do?

It helps to have an advisor who has dealt with the many complexities of running a business. As a small business, we understand these challenges, including the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur. We can serve as your strategic fiduciary advisor, looking out for your best interests.

We will comprehensively analyze your goals and recommend personalized strategies to strengthen your business and personal financial framework. That could mean addressing various needs, asset protection, tax planning, or establishing and managing low-cost retirement plans, such as a 401k or Solo 401k.

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As a lifelong equestrian, Gillian understands that fellow riders, from amateurs to international competitors, face unique costs, risks, and challenges. Your financial plan should be customized to reflect you and your lifestyle. Align your financial plan to include your total vision, including your riding goals.

From cash flow planning, creating a retirement savings strategy to tax efficiency and estate planning, there are many areas to consider. Gillian works with her clients to include their unique needs on their timelines. Spend your time where it provides you the most fulfillment while knowing you have a plan for your financial future.

Working with someone who can help you think outside the box will provide you with a path towards your vision, including your horses. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, Gillian is committed to delivering equestrians with sound financial advice.