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Throughout my professional career, the lessons my parents taught me at a young age have driven my curiosity, my desire to help others, and to share my love of personal finance.

As a second-generation financial planner, I started setting goals for myself personally and financially at a young age. The only daughter of a financial planner (father) and accountant (mother), my childhood lessons included saving, budgeting, and planning for the future.

I distinctly remember helping my dad with one of his lessons he taught at our local high school about setting goals. An avid equestrian since the age of three, my then seven-year-old goals included a short-term goal of being able to put a saddle on a horse, intermediate-term goal to prepare for competitions, and the long-term goal was to compete on the Olympic team.

However, in my nervousness speaking to a class of high school students, I mixed up my intermediate and long term goal, but I think the lesson still came across loud and clear, that little goals along the way can pave the way for you achieve the big dream.

After studying Economics at Mount Holyoke College in southwestern Massachusetts, I relocated to southeastern Pennsylvania to be a part of the thriving equestrian community and pursue my aspirations to help women proactively plan their financial future and prepare them for their unique financial responsibilities. I’m passionate about helping women take control of their finances. I want to empower women to confidently manage their money, supported by a fellow woman who understands their unique needs.

In my professional career, I have worked with high net worth clients, developed projects to benefit clients at Vanguard and consulted with independent financial advisors at SEI Investments.While at Vanguard two monumental events occurred, most importantly I met my husband Dan McCarthy. Secondly, I was accepted into an accelerated program, completed the rigorous education requirements and passed the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ exam. In working with both advisors and clients directly, I have learned about the inner workings of the financial services industry and the competitive landscape to the benefit of my clients today through customized, holistic advice.

Away from the office, my husband Dan and I spend our time on any number of projects on our small farm in Royersford and in the summer, we are particularly lucky to be surrounded by family in the Royersford area willing to help with hay baling production. We plan to continue our roots and traditions here for years to come.